Expertise in the development and management of the energy and water of the future

IMPULSO is an industrial holding company, originally family-owned, of Spanish capital, focused on the development and investment in the sectors of energy and water. We are present in three continents and our history goes back almost a hundred years.

20 years in the renewable energy sector
45 years in the energy sector
90 years in the logistics and infrastructure management sector

Our activity is mainly focused on:

The promotion, development and management of renewable-energy production/power plants.

The promotion, development and management of full water-cycle facilities and infrastructures.

The promotion and operation of basic utilities supply (power, water, and drainage).


Equity capital.

Participation and development of investments in public-private collaboration.

Concessional management of third-party assets.

Among the projects currently in operation, stand out the ones located in Chile and Cape Verde Republic.



In Chile, the group has promoted, developed and built solar parks, including the southernmost park in the world, and participates in three hydroelectric plants.

Cabo Verde Republic

Cabo Verde Republic

In Cabo Verde, the company owns and operates the main private utility in the country in the water and energy sectors, established on the main island and tourist pole of the country, with two public-private collaborations, one with the government and the other with the local administrations. It also benefits from EU cooperation funds.

Projects under development and investment

Projects under development and investment

Apart from the projects in operation, IMPULSO currently has several projects under development and investment.

The portfolio of investment projects is currently concentrated in Latin America, with a special presence in Chile and Argentina, where the company currently develops more than 200 MW in Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE) projects.

European Union

European Union

In the European Union, we are aligned with the objectives established with renewable energies for 2030. There are several open projects specially designed to make companies that are in this energy transformation process more competitive.



Basic value-added, sustainable and balanced service projects.


Organic growth of the investment projects.


Process optimization and efficiency through the combination of mature and proven technology, and the early application of developing technologies.


Contribution to decentralized economic development (local/global) and to social transformation.


Involvement with local agents, through the promotion of collaboration with public and private entities, and the establishment of a long-term engagement that proves essential for the success of projects.


Inclusion of local staff in both operational and managerial positions, thus contributing to their training and integration into the organization.


Efficient and inclusive managing style. Substantial ability to establish key alliances with participants in each country and sector.


The entities that make up the group have a long business history in the industrial sector:

  • Renewable energies (solar, hydroelectric and wind power)
  • Water management
  • Maritime sector infrastructures
  • Logistics
  • Fuels
  • Construction of public works and infrastructures for energy generation and distribution, and water treatment.


The staff who are part of the group have a long experience and are highly motivated with the business projects.

The technical team has developed multiple projects, both nationally and internationally.

They have also been part and managed many business models around renewable energies.


The technical and managing team has a high degree of implication in each of the projects in which it takes part, and always encourages team work.

It adapts to the specific needs of each project, and it offers an optimal collaboration with each of the partners involved.

The team collaborates with local industrialists, adapting to the idiosyncrasy of the territory.

Our team

The Group

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Amb el suport de:

Unión Europea

Una manera de hacer Europa

Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional

Impulso SAGE has benefited from the European Regional Development Fund, which aims to promote technological development and innovation. Thanks to this funding, we have been able to add innovation to our processes, strategies, and advice for a digital marketing plan, and to promote ourselves internationally for the development of energy and water management projects. This action took place during 2021. To carry it out, we also had the support of the InnoCámaras program, from the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.


LENTE INGENIEROS, within the framework of the ICEX Next program, has had the support of ICEX, and the co-financing of the European ERDF fund. This support aims to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.